Nunhead Cemetery

When I moved to London, my colleagues gave me a book called ‘Secret London’ as a leaving gift. The place I wanted to see most from this book was Nunhead cemetery, near Peckham. I always love the peace of cemeteries, and this is the most magical, mysterious and atmospheric I have ever been to. It might seem a strange choice for Easter Sunday, but in this cemetery, life has won. Nature has reclaimed the space, and it went from lawn, to meadow, to scrub, to flourishing forest, and is now a wildlife reserve full of woodpeckers, titmice and tawny owls. Do bring some wellies. I lost my shoes more times than I care to admit, and came back covered in mud. I took LOTS of photos, and am looking forward to getting some into black and white, but even the snap-happiest of photographers will end up putting the camera down and just absorbing the peace, listening to the birdsong.

As always, click any image to enlarge.

Happy Easter!


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