Mushroom Walk

… or ‘myco-hike-o’ as I was tempted to call it. The next week of mushroom photos are all from back on 30th October, when we went to Dartmoor where my sister had seen a giant and perfect fly agaric the day before. I’d never seen one in the flesh so was pretty excited. After all admiring the beast for some time, we went traipsing to scout for more mushrooms. I can’t  believe how many we found! Delicate mushrooms, spikey mushrooms, frilly-gilled mushrooms, scaly mushrooms, weird white mushrooms, and even some that looked like teeth. Took too many snaps for one post, so I will spread them over the week… This first post is a random selection of others that I couldn’t squish into any of the above (not wholly scientific) categories.

mushroom white mushroom mushrooms  mushrooms dartmoor mushroomsmushroom pair mushroom  yellow fungus mushroom white mushroomsmushrooms


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