Nursery Web Spider

Well hello again! I’ve been away from the blog for a month after posting (almost) daily for the last 6 months. Now looking forward to another 6 months of blogging pictures. I’ll be keeping to (almost) daily posts for now, but am considering changing to two posts a week. This would allow me to craft better posts, perhaps about the budget equipment I use, and the special places and people of the beautiful South Hams. You can also expect plenty of pictures of the little beasts I find here. This nursery-web spider carries her silk-wrapped egg sac around in her jaws, carefully keeping it raised off the ground until it’s time to build them a nursery to emerge in. These are straight out of camera (except b/w)- and I have JUST seen a big speck on the lens!! How did I not notice that? Too engrossed in spider-watching… nursery web spider nursery web spider nursery web spider


2 thoughts on “Nursery Web Spider

  1. Missed your posts Martine… 6 months on and 1 month off… a pretty ingenious rhythm I’d say… did you come up with that yourself? Ha ha! Stunning spider pictures! I look forward to more shots soon! AdAM

    • Just felt needed to stop and catch up a bit, and good to have some time away from the computer, especially in the warm weather! Lots more photos on their way!

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