My Favourite Window

When I first moved down to Devon (for what I then thought just for Summer) to work in a pub by the sea, I thought I’d have a back room, bunked up, or maybe a shed. But I landed a room with a view. For a year I didn’t shut the window, woke up to waves swooshing up on the beach, smelled the ocean.

I’m so glad that I found these old photos! (retrieved from the brink from a very dead laptop). Every day I woke up the first thing I would do was look out of this window at the day and say… wow.

hope cove window hope cove window hope cove window hope cove windowhope cove window

hope cove window


7 thoughts on “My Favourite Window

  1. That is incredible! It must have been hard to leave that room? The bottom photo is amazing… so many interesting details! I love the angle of the shot and the shapes it makes of the open windows (so much better than face on) and the two people paddling, one slightly cut off by the window, creating mystery… and the beautiful little speck of brilliant light on the right-hand edge of the left window and the slight overhang of some kind of (what I imagine is?) thatched roof in the top left. I could spend a good while looking at this shot! Lovely work… and so glad it wasn’t lost to the tech after-world! AdAM

    • thank you! yes is a glimpse of thatched roof. Me too- was so happy to see the file pop up on my desktop! thought they may have been lost forever

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