100 Posts!!

I’ve made it to 100 posts!! and feeling pretty pleased with myself. I started this blog with the idea of building an online portfolio/gallery, but have instead ended up posting (more or less) daily, posting not just my best pics but all kinds of bits and bobs. Thank you to everyone who’s followed, liked and commented on my blog, it’s been a great encouragement.

I’ve also enjoyed discovering other peoples’ blogs, especially those showing the nature and wildlife around where they live. Including… Burnt Embers, A Scot in Norway, Leaf and Twig, Garden Walk Garden Talk, Vit Peyr, Becoming is Superior to Being, Little Pix of Hope, Tau Zero and Mafe Roig.

In celebration of a hundred posts (and a little bit in laziness), today I’m posting a selection of my favourite photos that I’ve posted so far… here’s to the next hundred!

IMG_7278 hope cove _18_0407 snoozing IMG_4358 seagull reflection hatching bantham hope cove IMG_8095 chickens devon clouds IMG_8123 winter trees winter trees autumn garden kingsbridge estuary low tide little egret kingsbridge estuary devon sunset seagull and starfish gull drinking west alvington raindrops on a leaf view from emirates airline cable car thames ranunculus



5 thoughts on “100 Posts!!

  1. Hi Martine – happy 100th indeed, this is a really nice collection of photos – hard to make a choice, but if you were asking us to (and you’re not) I would go for the lower seagull which appears to be drinking. And thank you so much for the mention of my blog – that is very gratifying 🙂

    • Thankyou! You’re the second person to mention that photo…

      No need to thank me for the mention- I always enjoy your blog! have a great weekend

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