Twisted Chimney

I just love all the quirky details of Devon cottages. One of my favourite features of our home is the twisted chimney stack…

chimney chimney chimney chimney chimney



3 thoughts on “Twisted Chimney

  1. Were some of these taken on a particularly windy day? Is the ‘debris’ in the sky in some of the shots random stuff picked up by the wind or was it added to the photograph digitally? I presume the filters were added after? The third one down is particularly striking… it reminds of this album cover from the Belgian band dEUS …just the colours I suppose! I don’t know how accessible the chimney is, but it looks a bit like a staircase especially if you can force your eye to lose perspective of its size and fool yourself into thinking it is much bigger. What a feature for your home! AdAM

  2. The second and last photos have a colour filter added after in photoshop. The rest are unfiltered. The third and fourth and fifth are taken with a toy camera (holga) lens screwed onto the dslr (rather than shooting with the holga/Diana itself onto film, I’ve found bargain adapters online to fix the lomo lenses to the digital camera- saving time & £ in film developing, and having the bonus of not waiting for the film to come back to find out you’ve got a dud picture. I will eventually get around to doing a post about these…) All the debris is cos I’ve shot up from inside the house through a glass roof, which is usually pretty covered in bits from all the trees above… hope that helps! Thanks for your comment

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