‘Swapsies!!’ Or ‘How I Got My Camera’.

Last year  I spent a wonderful few days up in London with close relatives I hadn’t seen for several years. They inevitably got to hear my wailings that my much-loved compact camera (Nikon Coolpix S5, practically perfect in every way, RIP.) had irrevocably broken and I’d been unable to find a replacement for several months. I don’t really like carrying the bulky and obtrusive slr round the city, and was missing my old S5.

On returning home they offered me the compact camera they had used in London. I couldn’t believe it! The condition was… an original picture. A very fair swap if you ask me! The camera arrived safely in the post from across the world and turned out to be so much better than my old S5. So here’s the picture that I swapped it for, and the snap it was drawn from.

I enjoyed my trip to London (and taking all the touristy photos of course), and I got to relive that when uploading the images, when editing them, when sharing with friends, when drawing from them, and when writing a blog post about them. Making pictures is a happy hobby.

I hope they’re as happy with the swap as I am!


greedy pigeons hyde park

greedy pigeons hyde park




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