A Stroll Along Kingsbridge Estuary

It’s been a beautiful mild day so I took my camera for a little stroll down the estuary, hoping for a glimpse of a heron or a little egret. That was not to be but I did find the usual estuary birdlife; a pair of mallards, a trio of swans, a moorhen with feathers like velvet, a shouting tern (such a big honk for such a delicate bird!) with wind-ruffled feathers, some squabbling seagulls and some rather lovely Devon pigeons. Some of the houses are right on the water… must be wonderful to wake up to this view and these birds every morning. Thanks to lieveheersbeestje who’s ‘butterfly cream’ action I’ve used on a few of these.

Please click on any image to enlarge!

kingsbridge estuary

kingsbridge estuary

kingsbridge estuary

tackett wood house

swans on kingsbridge estuary

kingsbridge estuary

seagull flying






juvenile ternseagull landing

seagullssplash landing


seagull flyingflight

pigeons in flight



7 thoughts on “A Stroll Along Kingsbridge Estuary

    • Thank you so much! Nice way to spend a morning… especially getting to edit outside in the garden in the sunshine in the middle of January! Thanks for your comment

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