After the Flood

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” John Updike

Sometimes it seems like it’s always raining here. Usually I see the sunny side of lush green fields and a well-watered garden, but then there’s the floods. The steep hills and ancient drainage exacerbate the problem and flooding is common in Kingsbridge and Salcombe.

Yesterday someone was rowing down Salcombe high street, but by this morning the water had drained away and it was quickly back to business as usual.

salcombe sandbags

salcombe storm board

The council provide sandbags that we drag round to barricade our shops, and many of the seafront shops and homes have stormboards to protect them.


salcombe sandbags

salcombe sandbags

salcombe sandbags

salcombe sandbags

Here’s a couple of images from last year’s flooding in Kingsbridge. Many homes and business were affected. People gathered round to help bail out the shops, but the owners had to sit it out and wait for insurance assessors to arrive before we could bail out the buildings. A charity shop supporting the vital Devon Air Ambulance had to bin all their stock, which was particularly sad to see.

kingsbridge flood

kingsbridge flood

And after the water, the mud. Sticky and slippy and smelly, everyone worked hard to clear the streets and get things back to normal.

kingsbridge flood

We were lucky here; yes, businesses were affected, but the waters went down, most homes were ok, and no-one was hurt. Thinking of everyone in the UK and around the world whose homes have been washed away, and are without power, warmth or shelter from the rain.



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