Clouds: Ripples and Waves 1

From the deep rolling folds of altocumulus, to the tiniest ripples and buzzes found in cirrostratus and ‘contrailstratus’, the stripes and waves in the clouds always catch my eye. Here’s a gallery of black and white images from south Devon over the last couple of years, colour to come in part two.

nature photography

I’ve seen so many more of these rolls of altocumulus since I moved down to Devon, and they so resemble the ocean, that I imagine them forming on their journey over the sea. Apparently they are actually formed by oscillating gravity waves.


from inside the house, these folds made an uncanny ‘lid’ to the view





P1070098  IMG_7685

The next photo shows clearly defined ripples in these clouds formed from spreading contrails.


The thin, ‘greasy’ layers of cloud formed from persistent contrails (cirrostratus??)  often show much finer ripples and waves. They often resemble partial concentric circles rather than lines, like dropping the tiniest pebbles into a pond.




click to see in detail…

I’ve pushed the contrast right up in the next image, which shows these delicate ripples more clearly.


More ripples and waves in full glorious colour to come in part two!



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