Contrail Clouds: Spread

Here is a gallery of images I’ve shot in Devon over the last year. On many days in the last two years, I have watched persistent contrails from aeroplanes spread and fill the sky, or hang in heavy lines overhead for hours. These pictures hopefully show how the contrails spread and form into clouds…


the clouds on the top left formed from a contrail around five minutes previously



…what the rest of the sky looked like that morning



they often spread with a distinctive ‘comb-like’ effect



a closer-up view



On a heavy contrail day, they can spread and merge into a thick haze filling the whole sky. The planes forming these contrails over Salcombe flew past within seconds of one another



sometimes the contrails spread more thinly; the wispy clouds on the left formed from short contrails as on the right



I watched this cloud form over a couple of hours; it spread from a horizontal contrail into these beautiful waves



this double line was formed from one contrail, and shows the wisps that often form on contrail clouds



a closer-up view








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