Diana Double Exposures

dan and bike

my first double exposure, dan fixing his bike- ‘man & machine’!


hope cove

I love this picture, for me it captures the old English seaside atmosphere of Hope Cove in Summer. Shame the lifeguard sign is cut off- a casualty of Di’s wonky old viewfinder


hope cove

I don’t think this really works, was aiming for some texture of the rope, but not sure…


here the double-exposure works much better at creating texture, by exposing the second image (of foliage) less

hope cove again, and massive light leak…





an accidental double exposure! Part of the joy (and frustration haha) of shooting with a Diana is never quite knowing exactly what you’ll get- there’s always a few surprises… I’m hoping this will happen less, but do enjoy the happy accidents!


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