Pictures of Clouds- An Introduction

I love to take pictures of clouds. As my boyfriend says, “I don’t want to hear another thing about the b***** clouds” or perhaps “they all look the b***** same” haha. I came down to Devon with the thought of writing, of getting a collection of poems together. But as Ted Hughes rightly noted, in Devon it is hard to write- “all the electrical circuits rust up, and moss grows in under the fingernails.”

But I did take up drawing & painting again, and am constantly inspired to photograph this special place. When I first moved down it was the sea. I couldn’t get enough of taking pictures of the shoreline in the changing light. (There’s so many Midlander ‘ex-pats’ in Devon, I think we crave the sea.) But then it was the clouds. I’ve always looked up at the clouds (some may say my head is planted firmly in them), watching them build and form and drift and fade. Over the last year I have noticed so many strange and unusual formations I’ve felt compelled to document them. So this is a warning- there will be plenty of posts about clouds on this blog- hopefully you’ll find them interesting. Here’s a handful of examples of what I’ll be posting over the next few months. All shot in the South Hams, 2013.

DSC00619   222 perfect fluffy altocumulus

I love to capture cloud forms. I love it when you can see all the layers of cloud, especially when they move at different speeds, or catch different colours.IMG_7634 IMG_4659   Sunset from the back garden. One of many.

Sometimes just the colours of the sky inspire me to grab the camera.IMG_6531 IMG_4763

IMG_4142 One of many unusual cloud formations I’ve seen in Devon this year.

I cannot write about the clouds this year without discussing contrails. On many days the entire cloud cover has come from spreading contrails. The resulting clouds are also unusual in form and in movement, display many unique features, and are sometimes quite beautiful. I shalln’t be theorising, but will be posting a series of blogs documenting the ‘contrail clouds’ I’ve seen here in Devon over the last year.   IMG_6874IMG_6942


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