First Photo Shoot!


Sandy runs Proudyarns, a local wool and hand-made knitwear company. She was wanting to update the images currently on her website, to use on facebook, and potentially produce a print catalogue.  Beata, a friend and hair stylist took up the challenge and got the ball rolling on a photoshoot. She found some willing models, asked me to photograph, and organised… everything. It turned out to be a great fun day. Sandy is a ball of energy, and made us so welcome at Washbrook farm, including baking some of the best flapjacks I have ever eaten. I went with a headful of ideas and was delighted to find we were all thinking along the same lines, and had the same ‘feeling’ in mind for the images. As it was my first shoot I was learning as I went, and soon learnt nothing teaches faster than going out and trying it!


Beata (with camera), hair and make-up, and Leo and Aggy, our models.


I took shots of the products hanging in the trees in the orchard, and by the sheep field




A fill-in flash or reflector would have brightened this up, but I like how it shows the lightness & fluidity of the fabric. I want this jumper.


again, a reflector would have helped knock out the shadows in the right hand image, which also has some unfortunate cardigan slippage. How did I not notice that at the time?!


…but she still manages to look great in every shot! It’s not just Aggy’s pretty face that made her such a great model! She has a contagiously cheer and enthusiasm, has lots of ideas, and throws herself into anything (grab a chicken? no problem!). She is also totally relaxed in front of the camera, which made me relax. Looking back through the images I was struck by how natural her smile is, and how relaxed her hands are.




Leo kindly agreed to model, and was great all day.





Leo turned out to be a natural poser 😉 and did an incredible job of looking manly with this tiny axe…


I ended up taking FAR too many photos, I think the disc I gave sandy had around 200 images. next time I’ll try to cut it right down and be much more selective. But I wanted to use the opportunity to try lots of things. I’m pretty pleased with the pictures for a first shoot, and have definitely learnt a lot from it. What a nice way to spend a sunny Saturday- taking pictures and eating flapjacks with friends- lovely.


Sandy, Aggy & Josephine, one of the lovely Proudyarn knitters

proudyarns catalogue

The finished catalogue!

Thanks to Beata for organising and inspiring everyone, and for putting her trust in a newbie!

I am really pleased with how it looks, and am sure it will help spread the word about Proudyarn’s gorgeous jumpers and very spoiled sheep.

Proudyarns Handmade Knitwear

Beata Hair & Makeup



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