Oh, Diana!

I was SO excited to get the Diana, but it doesn’t compare to the excitement of waiting for prints to arrive…

Shooting on film was a shock after the thousands of pictures I’d taken on digital, the film ran out so quickly! and many shots were disappointing. The Diana is… idiosyncratic. The viewfinder is determinedly and unpredictably off, there are 3 focus settings (about a person, about a couple of people, or about 3 people) and 3 exposure settings (cloudy, sunny, or a bit cloudy and a bit sunny). The pictures are noisy, the tiny plastic lens needs a high iso and it does show but I don’t mind it, the grain suits the dreamy mood the Diana does so well.

Among all the duds (sorry, ‘learning opportunities’) of the first few reels are some pictures I love. There is a time for crispness and perfection, but if I ever leave Devon, the Diana has captured some memories of its peace and beauty beautifully, if not always in perfect focus…






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